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Yu Yu, T. ; Chen,  C.; Khoo,  C.; Butdisuwan, S.;  Ma,  L.; Sacchanand,  C. &  Tuamsuk, K. (2019). Faculty-librarian collaborative culture in the universities of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand: A comparative study. Malaysia Journal of library and Information Science, 24(1), 97-121.


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Sacchanand, C. (2016, August  13-19). Development of Management Strategies for Collaboration in  Information Science Education and Research in the ASEAN Community.  Paper  presented  at   IFLA Sections for Education and Training (SET), Library Theory and Research (LTR), and the Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (EDC SIG LIS Education in Developing Countries),  82 nd  IFLA World Library and Information Congress,   Columbus, Ohio ( United States of America).


Sacchanand , C. (2015, August 15-21).   Quality assurance of Library and Information Science education  in  the ASEAN countries: Moving towards regionalization  and Internationalization. Paper  presented  at   IFLA  for Education and Training Section (SET)  Library Theory and Research (LTR), and the Education  in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (EDC SIG),  79th  IFLA  General Conference,   Cape Town, South Africa).  Retrieved  from en.pdf


Sacchanand, C. (2014). Online learning in Library and Information Science in ASEAN countries.In  The  future   of   LIS education in developing countries: The road  ahead. Hague:  International of Library  Associations  and  Institutions – IFLA.


Sacchanand , C. (2012, August 11-17). Building collaboration between Library and Information  Science educators and practitioners in Thailand: Transcending barriers and            creating opportunities. Paper  presented  at  LIS Education in Developing Countries Special  Interest Group,  78th  IFLA  General    Conference,  Helsinki (Finland).  Retrieved  from


Sacchanand, C.  (2011)Strategies    and   network   model   to  enhance   the  roles of   distance  education    in library and information science in Asia and  Oceania   in creating the  Information  literate   people and  region.  In   Emerging Trends and Technologies in  Library and   Information Services (pp. 214 -217).  New delhi: KBD Publication.

Sacchanand, C. (2011, August  13 -18). Developing strategies to create information literate Thai  students. Paper  presented at the  .Asia  and Oceania  Section,   77th  IFLA   General    Conference , San Juan (Puerto Rico). Retrieved  from oceania- section.  oceania-section.

Sacchanand, C.  (2011, February 14-16 ).  E-training as a   new  frontier for  librarians and   information  professionals’   continuing   professional  development:  An experience   of Thailand.   Paper   presented   at  the  International Conference on Digital Libraries   and Knowledge   Organization.  Jointly  Organized  by the Management Development  Institute, Indian  Association of   Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC)   and  INDEST- AICTE Consortium , New Delhi (India).

Sacchanand, C.,  Gaikwang, K. & Lumsakul, M.(2011).  A  synthesis  of living library knowledge   in the  form of a Knowledge  Park.  In   Proceedings   Thailand conference on reading  2011  (pp. 180 –  208). Bangkok:  Thailand Knowledge Park (TK park).


Sacchanand, C.  (2009).  Educational  roles of    academic librarians :  A  case of  the distance education  doctoral   degree program, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University,    Thailand.  In   Globalizing  academic libraries  vision 2020: International conference   on   academic  libraries, ( Part I, pp. 180 – 186).   Delhi:  Mittal Publications New Delhi  (India) in association with Delhi University Library University System, University of  Delhi.


Sacchanand, C.  (2008, August 16-21).  Putting  the learners into e-learning:  An  experience of  Sukhothai Thammathirat Open  University ( STOU),Thailand. Paper  presented    at the  E-learning section, IFLA 74th,  Quebec (Canada). 16-21 August 2008.   Retrieved  from

Sacchanand, C. ( 2008, April 22).   Thai Library Association  in the time  of change.  Paper  presented  at   the 2nd   Meeting   of   CONSAL XIV  Executive Board, Ho Chi Minh  City    (Vietnam).


Sacchanand, C. ( 2007, April).  Status  of  librarianship  in  Thailand.   Paper presented to  the   1st  Meeting of CONSAL XIV  Executive Board ,  Hanoi (Vietnam).


Sacchanand, C. (2006, September  22-24).  Local  information  via  distance education. Paper  presented  at the  International  meeting on  local  information   management   network:  assessment   of the  initial  efforts  toward   greater  resource   sharing  among   local    information    management    network    members in Southeast  Asia. Sirindhorn  Isan Information Center, Academic Resource Center ,  MSU and the Toyota Foundation,  Mahasarakarm  (Thailand).

Sacchanand, C.  (2006, March  27).   Professional  education  for  librarians and  information   professionals in ASEAN countries  via distance education:   A proposed regional   operation.   Paper  presented  at   CONSAL XIII  (Congress  of Southeast

Asian Librarians),  Manila ( Philippines).

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Sacchanand, C.  &  Jaroenpuntaruk, V. (2004).  The development of  self-training  package for information  retrieval using distance  education  approach.  Nonthaburi: STOU.  (Funded by  Advancement  of  Librarianship  in  the Third  World  Programme,  International   Federation of Library Associations and   Institutions – IFLA).


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Sacchanand, C. ( 2003, November 12-14).  Collaborative  partnerships  in  providing  library   and  information services to  distance students  in  higher  education.  Paper presented at the 17th Asian  Association  of  Open Universities ( AAOU) Annual Conference “ Networking  and Partnership   for Strengthening  Collaboration  in  Open  and  Distance Education.  Sukhothai  Thammathirat Open University, Nonthaburi   (Thailand ).

Sacchanand, C.  (2003,  March 20-22).   New roles  and  competencies  for   distance   education  librarians in  the  changing  environment.  In   Challenges and   opportunities  for   library  and    information   professionals  in  knowledge   management  and  the digital  age: Session  papers. Paper   presented  at  the    International  Conference  Asia – Pacific  Chiangmai  University, Chiangmai  (Thailand ).


Sacchanand, C.  (2002, August 18-24.)  Information  literacy   instruction to   distance  students in higher  education:  librarians’  key  role.  Paper  presented  at   Regional  Section  on  Asia and Oceania  68th   IFLA General  Conference,  Glasglow (U.K.).     Retrieved  from


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Sacchanand, C.  (2000, August  13-18 ).  Workplace learning for  information  professionals in  a changing information environment.  Paper presented at  the Continuing   Professional  Education Section,   Division of Education and Research, 66th IFLA  Council and Conference, Jerusalem (Israel). Retrieved from professional education -section


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Sacchanand, C.  (1999, October  18).  Library and  information  services for distance learners in higher  education.  Paper  presented  at the Distance Education Workshop for Higher   Officials from Nepal Organized by STOU and sponsored by UNICEF.

Sacchanand, C. ( 1999,  March  26-29).  Faculty – librarians  collaboration/ partnership in distance education higher institutions.  Paper  presented at  the first  SEAMO.


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Sacchanand, C.  (1998,  October 24-26).  A  multi-media distance  education  approach to   teaching  information  science: Thailand’s experience.  in The Use of New Information  Technologies in  Developing Countries.  (pp.B38-B51).  Hong Kong, 1988.  (Paper  presented  at  the  10 FID/CAO Congress and General Assembly, Beijing, Republic of  China).


Sacchanand, C. (1997).   Information  science via the distance education system: Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU)’s Experience.  in Report of the consultative meeting and  workshop   planning  human  resource   development for information  societies,”  (pp.96-106).  Nonthaburi: STOU and UNESCO Bangkok.

Sacchanand, C. (1997).  Motivations and needs of  students in Information Science Programs: Sukhothai Thammathirat  Open University (STOU), A case study.  in Library and information  science in Thailand : Essays in  honor of Professor  Suthilak Ambhanwong,  (pp.30-39).  Bangkok: Department of Library Science, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

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Sacchanand, C.,  Roepreecha, B. &  Siriwongworawat, S. (1997).  Quality services in library.   country report : Thailand.  In  ASEAN- COCI  seminar quality   service in   libraries:  Management  training   programme for  senior   librarians , (pp.198-211).  Singapore: National Library Board.


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Sacchanand, C.  (1983).  Training  programs of   Library Associations in the Philippines. Journal  of  Philippines Librarianship, 7(1), 11-25.

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